Purchase Your Low Mileage Pre-Owned Vehicle in Bay City, MI

Low Mileage Pre-Owned Subaru

When it is time to purchase a vehicle, the first choice to make is whether to buy a brand new model or a gently pre-owned vehicle.  Gently used is a great option if you want to stretch your vehicle-buying budget to include more vehicle at a lower monthly payment.  Choosing a low mileage used vehicle, like one that has less than 30,000 miles on it, makes a pre-owned vehicle especially attractive.  Why choose a low mileage pre-owned vehicle from Thelen Subaru?

When you buy used, you don’t know how the vehicle has been treated.  With a low mileage vehicle, there has likely not been excessive wear on the vehicle’s systems or interior.  This allows you to feel more confident that you are getting a quality vehicle that will last. 

As we already mentioned, buying a gently used model might allow you to get more vehicle for your budget.  Since the original owner has already seen the depreciation that occurs when a new car becomes a used car, you take advantage of that.  This lower price might mean you can buy a used car, truck, or SUV with more features than if you purchased new. 

Better Potential Resale
If you plan to have the vehicle for a short time and do not drive a lot, a low mileage vehicle will likely also be low mileage when you are ready to trade-in or sell it.  That means you can expect a better return when you are ready to move on to another vehicle.  Starting with a high mileage vehicle means you are likely to be dealing with a more difficult vehicle to trade out of when the time comes.

Many vehicles require little standard maintenance under 30,000 miles.  This means there is less chance that the vehicle missed out on important maintenance.  In addition, buying a low mileage vehicle gives you more time before costly higher mileage maintenance must be completed.

Thelen Subaru has a great selection of low mileage, gently used vehicles for you to choose from.  Stop by our Bay City, Michigan location to test drive one today!