Prepare Your Subaru For Any Michigan Weather Conditions

Thelen Subaru in Bay City, Michigan

We can’t control the weather, but we can certainly control how our Subaru vehicle handles whatever weather is thrown at it.  Not only does each of the Subaru models come equipped with plenty of helpful safety features and a solid drivetrain to aid you in all weather-related experiences, but there are some tips and tricks you can follow to maximize your summer adventures.  You never know when the weather will change, and you want to be ready if that happens! 

Prepping for summertime is just as important as prepping your Subaru vehicle for the winter.  With the warmer temperatures, there are some areas that need to be inspected.  First and foremost, your tires need to be checked, especially the tire pressure.  Your tires shouldn’t be over or under-inflated and you should check for any cracks from winter wear.  You should also be checking the various fluid levels in your Subaru – like windshield wiper, coolant, and even the brake fluid.  This also goes for your filters – if you replace your cabin air filter, it will help tremendously with pollen.   

A battery check should also be performed to make sure it’s well charged, and get your A/C recharged before its sweltering outside.  Get your oil changed on time to avoid any problems and to make sure your Subaru is on a regular maintenance schedule.  And lastly, you should replace any wiper blades that look to be cracked or worn down from the winter seasons because you will still be using them even in the summer! 

If you need would prefer to have Subaru service experts take care of your vehicle maintenance, we here at Thelen Subaru in Bay City, Michigan can help you out.  When you can’t do your own repairs or maintenance, schedule your appointment at our service center and we would be happy to assist you!