Get Your Subaru Ready For Michigan Winter Driving

Winter Driving Tips

Getting ready for winter driving can be simple, especially for a Subaru owner.  Your vehicle is already designed and built to take on winter driving conditions.  All you need to do is take care of your quality Subaru and it should be ready for Michigan winter challenges.

Your Subaru depends on quality tires with ample tread to provide grip in slippery situations.  It already has the dynamic handling ability to help with these conditions, but good tires are an important part of the handling equation.  One way to check your tire tread is with the penny test.  Insert a penny into your tire’s tread, Lincoln head down and facing you.  If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, you should see Thelen Subaru to get new tires.  In addition, even tires with good tread need to have proper inflation.  Always be sure to monitor tire pressure and inflate properly.  Before winter sets in is a good time to have your antifreeze refreshed so your Subaru is ready for the bitter cold.  Plus, check your battery for issues and test your vehicle’s heat to ensure it works.

Prepare for any unexpected issues that could leave you roadside by packing an Emergency Kit.  While it is always important, this takes on even more emphasis during dangerous winter weather.  Keep your kit stocked with jumper cables, small tool kit, reflective road markers, blanket, gloves, flashlight, water and snacks.  In the winter, you might add a small shovel to aid you if you get stuck.

If you would like expert assistance in inspecting your vehicle for winter readiness, trust the Thelen Subaru Service Center technicians.  We are ready and able to look over your vehicle to pinpoint any potential issues and take care of those issues quickly and efficiently.