Make Sure to Do a Thorough Evaluation Before Purchasing Your Next PreOwned Vehicle

2019 Subaru Outback

Purchasing a gently used vehicle can be a great way to stretch your auto buying budget.  Though buying used can save you money, it is essential for you to get to know the vehicle you plan to purchase.  Spending some time exploring the vehicle’s history and condition can save you potential stress later.

If possible, access the vehicle’s service records.  Some sellers may be able to provide this information for you.  Even if you have the service records, compare them to the recommended maintenance intervals for the vehicle (these can usually be found online at the manufacturer’s website).  If a vehicle has missed important maintenance or even had longer intervals than recommended between oil changes, there is potential for excessive wear to the engine and other important vehicle systems. 

Always take the time to look under the hood of a pre-owned vehicle before purchase.  You might not be a trained mechanic, but even the untrained eye can notice leaks or hoses and belts that seem to have excessive wear and fraying.  Also pay attention for the odor of burnt oil or antifreeze as both can indicate a problem that will lead to expensive repairs.  Even if an engine looks shiny and clean, the scent of burnt oil can be an indicator to require further inspection.

At Thelen Subaru in Bay City, we pride ourselves on selling quality pre-owned vehicles from Subaru and a variety of other automakers.  We take the time to inspect and road-test each vehicle so you can feel confident in the vehicle’s quality.  Still, we welcome you to thoroughly inspect a vehicle you are interested in and be sure to ask questions regarding any concerns.  We are always eager to answer and help you feel assured that you are getting an excellent vehicle at an excellent price.