Be Ready For Autumn Driving Challenges in the Great Lakes Bay Region

Autumn Driving Tips

While preparing for winter driving is important, don’t forget that Autumn driving has its share of challenges too.  Being ready for these surprises can help provide you with a relaxed and safe Great Lakes Bay Region drive.  Having your vehicle in top-condition is an important first step to safer fall driving.  Make sure your windshield wipers are in great condition to prevent glare during wet weather.  If possible, replace the wiper blades to ensure good quality.  Also, be sure to check your tire pressure as the cooler weather arrives.  Tires can lose pressure as the temperatures cool.  Tires not at the appropriate pressure can wear unevenly and also do not handle as well.

Now that you have your vehicle ready to go, consider some of these other helpful tips for safe Autumn driving.  Be prepared for the unpredictability of the weather.  Rain and snow will sneak up on you so be ready to adjust to this change.  When the roads are wet, you should maintain a safe speed and larger following distance from the vehicle in front of you.  Windy weather may cause tree limbs to snap.  So, be vigilant for limbs in the road or even leaves which can cause slippery braking conditions. 

During the Autumn and Winter months, we lose daylight hours meaning you have to be ready for driving in the dark.  Be sure your headlights are in good, working condition and are properly aimed to provide excellent visibility.  When leaving a well-lit area, proceed cautiously to allow your eyes time to adjust to the darkness.  Be sure to keep a lookout for school zones and school buses picking up and dropping off students. 

Another year-round risk that is often greater in the fall is the prevalence of animals in the road.  This is especially an issue for deer who are usually most active at sunset and sunrise.  Watch for deer crossing signs that may indicate an especially active area.  Even without a warning sign, keep a close eye on the roadsides for movement that might indicate an animal ready to dart into the road.

Autumn in Michigan is a beautiful time of year!  Enjoy a pleasant drive by taking extra care and being prepared for dangers common in the fall.  If you would like to have your vehicle inspected by experts to ensure your vehicle is ready, make an appointment with the Thelen Subaru Service Center.  Our skilled, expert technicians are eager to assist!