Keep Your Pets Safe and Happy While in Your Subaru for a Bay City Drive

Safe travels with your pets

Our pets are an essential part of our family. They enhance our lives with love, loyalty, companionship, and fun. When taking a family road trip, or spending the weekend exploring Michigan’s picturesque scenery, don’t forget to include your furry friends. While packing your bags, it’s easy to prepare your pet for travel too. These simple steps are suggested to ensure the protection and well-being of your pet while traveling: 

  • Keep your pets safe and secure in a crate. For your safety and theirs, never travel with your four-legged friend on your lap. If you do not have cargo space in your vehicle for a crate, ensure your pet is wearing a harness and simply secure it to the seat. 
  • Create a travel kit. As you prepare to take your traveling essentials, make sure your pet has their essentials too! This pet travel kit should contain food, their food/water bowls, medication, a leash, and any documents you might need. To avoid stomach discomfort, consider packing bottles of water. Water is different from city to city, so packing water can keep your trip from becoming uncomfortable for you both. Don’t forget to add their favorite blanket and toy to their travel kit! 
  • Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with identification tag and that the phone number on the tag is correct. You might even consider chipping your furry friend for added safety. Before leaving on your trip, take a picture of your pet on your phone. If your pet becomes separated from you, this can help you be reunited in no time. 
  • Never leave your pet in your vehicle alone when parked. This can cause stress and anxiety for your pet, as well as make them accessible to be taken. If you absolutely must leave your four-legged friend in the vehicle for a short time, make sure the doors are securely locked and ventilated. Never leave your pet in a vehicle on a warm day. Temperatures rise quickly in a parked vehicle and this can be dangerous for your loved one. 

Subaru prides itself on passenger safety for you and your pet. Thelen Subaru in Bay City, Michigan has a variety of vehicles in our inventory that will have you and your pet riding in comfort, including the 2020 Subaru Outback. This versatile SUV features a low load floor, making it easy for your pet to travel with you for years to come. Stop in to Thelen Subaru today to shop for a new pet-friendly Subaru and prepare for your next adventure!