Keep Your Vehicle’s Exterior Looking Amazing

Washing Car

Now that the warmer, sunny weather has arrived, it is a great time to spruce up your vehicle’s exterior! Dirt from winter roads can make your vehicle’s paint look dull. There are some easy ways you can bring back the shine to your vehicle:

It is recommended that you wash the exterior of your vehicle every two weeks. Though drivers who regularly travel dirtier terrain should wash their vehicle more frequently. Waxing can make a big impact on your vehicle’s appearance. Place a coat of wax on your vehicle about twice a year to help protect the finish. Besides making your vehicle shiny, wax can help to repel corrosive substances that are harmful to your vehicle’s paint. How do you know if it your vehicle has the correct amount of wax on it? Splash a bit of water on it and see if it beads up. If it does, then you have enough wax. If not, it is probably time to apply another coat.

Giving your vehicle a yearly detail is an excellent way to protect your vehicle. It will cost a little but will be worth every penny. Spring is a great time to do this since a detail can help clean off the grime from winter driving. That will leave your car, truck, or SUV clean, shiny, and refreshed. Thelen Auto Group Detailing Center is available for reconditioning and detailing at an affordable price. Our team is ready to work hard to make sure your ride looks as good as new. Contact us today to schedule your detailing appointment in Bay City, Michigan.