Don’t Let an Overheating Engine Ruin Your Summer Travels

Overheating Engine Issues

Whether you are close to home or taking a family road trip, an overheating engine is sure to cause a major inconvenience. Reduce your chance of this issue by keeping your vehicle well-maintained and fluids topped up. As a common rule, a vehicle’s cooling system should be flushed about every 2 years or 24,000 miles. Check your vehicle’s manual for the specific recommendation for your model. Or, schedule a maintenance appointment at the Thelen Subaru Service Center and let us help you take care of your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance.

There are many things that can cause your vehicle to overheat. Most of them can be solved through regular maintenance. Your vehicle could overheat due to a loose or broken fan belt, a thermostat that is stuck closed, a faulty water pump, and a collapsed radiator hose. Other causes could be a leak in the cylinder head gasket, a clogged cooling system, or an inaccurate gauge or warning light.

If your vehicle does experience overheating, pull off the road when it is is safe to do so. Then allow the vehicle to cool off with the engine off. Do not try to open the radiator cap until the engine has had sufficient time to cool, since the contents are under pressure and are dangerously hot. Once your engine is cool, remove the radiator cap, start the vehicle’s engine, and add coolant with the engine running. If this does not solve the issue or if there is obvious damage to the radiator or radiator hose, have your vehicle towed to an expert service center like the one at Thelen Subaru in Bay City.