Make Sure Your Vehicle is Ready for the Upcoming Colder Weather

Subaru Service Center

Michigan winters require the most from our vehicles, and Thelen Subaru Service Center in Bay City, Michigan knows the importance of getting your vehicle ready to handle the cold and unpredictable winters. Failing to get the proper maintenance done on your vehicle can be detrimental when the cold weather hits. Risking engine or battery damage is always a danger, so do not allow that to happen. Understand why it is vital to get a routine checkup done on your vehicle with the colder Michigan fall and winter months quickly approaching.  

Your vehicle must work hard during the cold winter months. Making sure to get your vehicle’s oil changed and your battery tested for appropriate charge and wear are important steps for adequate winter preparation. The friendly and knowledgeable service technicians at Thelen Subaru can give your Subaru the proper evaluation it needs for the upcoming months.  

Considering purchasing new winter tires is another great idea for safely driving in Michigan. These tires are specifically designed to help your grip on snowy conditions, giving you more control over your vehicle. If purchasing new tires is not how you want to go, make sure to check the tread depth of your current tires. Driving on snow with little to no tread is incredibly dangerous, since you can struggle with vehicle control. If your tires do not appear safe to drive on in winter, we strongly suggest new tires for peace of mind.  

If you are considering getting your Subaru ready for the chillier Michigan months, contact Thelen Subaru in Bay City, MI today. Whether by phone or with our convenient online appointment scheduler, our service department is ready to help you. We promise to treat your vehicle like we treat our own and will give it the proper maintenance to handle winter with confidence.