Enjoy Fun Automobile Centered Movies This Summer

Movie Watching

Now that summer is upon us, it is a great time to be spending more time with our kids and our loved ones.  One family-fun activity is watching movies!  Set up the projector outside or have a nice night in while watching an amazing car-related movie – with options for the whole family or just the adults.  So, pop some popcorn and sit back to enjoy an automotive-focused movie!

If you are spending a fun night with your kids for family movie night, there are plenty of fun options to choose between!  From Disney alone, you have the popular Cars series of films as well as both the original and re-done versions of Herbie the LovebugChitty Chitty Bang Bang is another fun music-filled option that includes a fun vehicle!

There is a long list of films that are suitable for older audiences too – for example, the Fast and the Furious series of films.  However, if you are interested in the history of famous drivers from Formula One, you may enjoy movies like Rush.  There are many titles that have come out in the past ten years that have become popular auto movies like Ford vs Ferrari, Baby Driver, Mad Max, and Drive.  If you are looking to enjoy a classic style of movie, the options are endless!  Christine, Driving Miss Daisy, Thunder Road, and Le Mans are just some of movies available.  Summertime is the best time to even marathon a bunch of these movies!

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