Thelen Subaru Donating to Help Bella, the Local Rescue Dog

Bella the Rescues Saginaw Dog Thelen Subaru in Bay City, MI

Money for Bella

Thelen Subaru in Bay City, MI has always been committed to helping out pet-related causes because we love animals. This is why we are helping raise money for Bella, the lovable canine who made national attention earlier this year when she was discovered to have tried to escape her tethers by biting off one of her legs. Thanks to the quick thinking and actions of those who rescued her, Bella has been making a remarkable recovery. It was recently announced that Bella will be heading to Utah to be a part of the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Therefore to help, Thelen Subaru is providing a vehicle and fuel money so Bella can make her journey to Utah in comfort.

Thelen Subaru & Helping Out Pets

Stories like Bella’s are why the Thelen Subaru family is dedicated to working for the betterment of animals all across the Great Lakes Bay Region. We love our pets and all animals across the region and feel they deserve the best lives possible. Bella made national news when she had been left in a situation where she was struggling for survival. Being wrapped up in tethers and having already gnawed one of her back limbs away in an attempt to escape, only the quick thinking of Bella’s rescuers allowed the loveable dog to survive her ordeal. We are so happy to hear that she is making a fantastic recovery and are hopeful that her journey to Utah will be a fruitful one.

With the recent announcement that Bella will be headed to Utah to stay at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, we decided to help her and those who will be transporting her. We are pleased to be donating to the trip that Bella will be taking and are hopeful that Bella will be happy and live a fantastic life in her new home!

Join Thelen Subaru in Helping Local Animal Causes

There are animals all across the Great Lakes Bay Region like Bella who needs our love and support. The men and women who volunteer and work at various animal rescues are true heroes for helping these lovable members of society in their time of need. These important organizations need our financial and other forms of support to keep themselves able to help distressed or lost animals. Everyone at Thelen Subaru in Bay City would like to encourage you to donate to a local animal shelter or charity this holiday season so that we can all help more animals like Bella.