Be Prepared in Case of a Roadside Emergency in Mid-Michigan

Roadside Emergency

Staying Safe During a Roadside Emergency

If you find yourself broken down on the side of the road in mid-Michigan, knowing what to do to get you the help you need and stay safe is paramount. The staff at Thelen Subaru in Bay City, MI, wants you to have the knowledge to confidently handle the situation. From having a collection of contacts that can be called immediately to a roadside emergency kit to keep you and your family safe while waiting for help, you can take steps to make this normally stressful situation much less so.

What to Do When You Have a Roadside Emergency

Contact Appropriate Personnel – Whether you have had an engine break down or some other vehicle trouble such as running out of gasoline, make sure you have the contact information for any roadside assistance plan you have. If you have been in an accident, contacting local authorities should be your first step. Also, have the contact number of a friend or family member available to contact and notify them of your situation.

Make Sure You Have Provisions – Depending on what time of the year you are stranded, you might need to have different emergency items, such as blankets for wintertime. Regardless of the season, having a well-prepared roadside emergency kit is a good idea. High-energy snacks, bottled water, and necessities such as a phone charger should always be among the items you keep in your vehicle in case something like this occurs.

Stay Safely in Your Vehicle, if Possible. Stay in your car and seat-belted, if possible, while you wait for assistance. If you must get out of the vehicle, be sure to never stand behind the car or on the side of the vehicle with traffic flow. Also, remember to put on your vehicle’s emergency flashers so passing vehicles can easily see you.

Stay Calm – It can be stressful when you find yourself stranded on the side of the road. However, taking the appropriate steps to confidently handle the situation can greatly reduce your stress levels. Technology such as smartphones makes getting through roadside emergencies much easier than in times past!

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