Get Your Subaru Badge of Ownership

Subaru Badge of Ownership

Subaru owners are a unique and amazing group! They have a zest for living life to the fullest, as exhibited by their choice of vehicle. The Subaru lineup is full of feature-filled, capable vehicles ready to take on any adventure. This wonderful group is also known for sharing their interests with others which is why we are offering the Subaru Badge of Ownership. This is a unique way to share with other Subaru enthusiasts what you enjoy most.

The best part of the Badge of Ownership is that it is available to our Subaru owners for free! That’s right, you just fill out the details and you will get this gift as a thank you for being part of our Subaru family. Besides the lifestyle icons you choose for your badge, it will also highlight the number of Subaru vehicles you have owned. No matter if this is your first or tenth, this is something to be celebrated! The Badge of Ownership comes with an adhesive backing that you can easily adhere to any metal surface.

Find out more about the Badge of Ownership and how to build yours here. Thank you for being a part of the Subaru Family from Thelen Subaru in Bay City!