The Symmetrical AWD System & Why It is Well-Regarded in Mid-Michigan

Subaru on Snow

What is Symmetrical AWD?

When you get behind the wheel of virtually any new Subaru model in mid-Michigan, except for the BRZ sports car, you will find that the vehicle comes equipped standard with Symmetrical AWD. A mainstay of the brand for many years, this AWD system has been routinely giving drivers impeccable handling in slippery weather conditions and on less-than-ideal road surfaces. Thelen Subaru in Bay City, MI, is proud to be a leading provider of quality Subaru vehicles in the Great Lakes Bay Region. We would like to tell you more about why the Symmetrical AWD system is so special. 

The Benefits of the Symmetrical AWD System

Reliability  When you are driving around mid-Michigan behind the wheel of a Subaru, you can always count on your steering inputs being responded to quickly by the Symmetrical AWD system. With numerous years of research and development backing it over the lifespan of the system, drivers have confidently tackled many road conditions for a long time. This level of trusted performance is why so many customers have opted for a Subaru when they are looking for a sporty vehicle purchase.

Maximum Grip – During winter when the roads are often covered in slippery substances like snow and ice, you need to have confidence that your vehicle is maintaining as much grip as possible. Subaru has designed their vehicles to maximize the grip you have while handling these treacherous conditions. By positioning the engine as low as possible, a new Subaru vehicle maintains a low center of gravity to get the most handling performance possible. 

Accessibility – The most important aspect of the Symmetrical AWD system is the fact that you get it as the standard drivetrain on almost every new Subaru model. This means that you have access to a platform that is ideal for mid-Michigan driving all year long. You don’t have to purchase a higher-level trim of a specific model to get the handling benefits of the AWD platform. This wide spread of available models makes Subaru a top option for discerning local customers.