Subaru Ambassador Interview

Listen to a great interview with a Subaru Ambassador Ashley Stantz conducted by Jess Laney from Thelen Subaru in Bay City, Michigan. This is an audio-only interview.

Here are some questions we had for Ashley:

How long have you been an ambassador for Subaru? Since October 2018

How many Subaru’s have you owned? 1 for her 1 for her husband

What was your first Subaru? ’18 Forester – waited for 2 years for the quartz blue pearl forrester – im never going to get rid of it. Going to lift it, rally at, do some cool things with it

What do you love about Subaru? Community – for anything at all – what trail can I ride with my suby? How do I change the lights for the suby?

What do you want to say to someone looking to buy their first Subaru? Take it for a test drive. Lack of blind spots

What is your go-to color for Subaru? Quartz blue pearl

What will your next Subaru be? A WRX- or STI

What kind of Activities do you do with your Subaru? Trail riding – pic from insta of her 3 wheeling her subaru Travels as far as Wisconsin for car meets

What sparked you about subaru? People came up to her and asked about her car, before she was an ambassador. Down the road getting the Ascent for camping